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About Majorstuen Trafikkskole

Majorstuen Trafikkskole was established in 2015. All our instructors have a pedagogic teacher's degree at Nord Universitet and Met University. All are well suited for giving you good and secure driver's training.

We are a driving school with great driving instructors, producing good results and delivering great quality driving instructions. We offer you everything you need when it comes to training, classes and guidance on your path to the driver's license. Our goal is for all our students to be up to speed when driving and to become safe and secure road users.

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We are champions of good road safety and work actively where we can for both pedestrians and drivers to become aware of the whole traffic picture. These are links we want to share to promote good road safety:

Majorstuen Trafikkskole AS

Our Driving Instructors

You may also contact Kari Evjan via our office on (+47) 400 55 070

Edvard Norum

(+47) 416 41 425

Olav Dypfest

(+47) 919 04 757

Carl Isak Nerhagen

(+47) 934 32 896

Kenneth Arntsen

(+47) 483 80 420

Amar Bokhari

(+47) 906 24 428

Christoph Øhre

(+47) 919 20 633

Morten Ressem

(+47) 920 59 362

Jan Henning Thorsen

(+47) 408 82 847

Do you need driving lessons?

At our driving school, you can take part in the Basic Traffic Course and receive training in class B, B96, BE, A, A1 and A2. All our training naturally follows an approved curriculum, and we take pride in providing you with top-shelf quality and professional knowledge.



Majorstuen Trafikkskole offers high-quality driving education with good results. As a safe and good partner on the road to your driver's licence, we ensure that you stand strong and ready for your final driving test.


For many years, we have taught students how to become good motorcycle drivers, from the basic training to passing the final driving test. Together we will achieve your goal of obtaining a motorcycle driver's license.


If you want to drive a car and trailer with a combined weight over 3500 kg, you need by law extra training. In addition to a driver's license class B (Car) you also need training in class B96 or BE. We will help you with proper training.

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A lot have to be learned before you are ready to take on the world of driving on your own. A driver's license gives many opportunities, but also many responsibilities. Contact us today to start your road to the driver's license!

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