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Become a safer driver! Visit us at Majorstuen and Røa. Contact us to start your journey towards the driver's license today.

Car Training

Majorstuen Trafikkskole offers high-quality driving education with good results. As a safe and good partner on the road to your driver's licence, we ensure that you stand strong and ready for your final driving test. Together we will achieve your goal of obtaining a driver's license!

Motorcycle Training

Har du allerede førerkort for bil er det ikke nødvendig med trafikalt grunnkurs. Du vil da begynne rett på den grunnleggende opplæringen med MC-kurs. Vi har i mange år lært elever hvordan de skal bli gode motorsykkelførere – fra den grunnleggende opplæringen til bestått førerprøve

Trailer Training

If you want to drive a car and trailer with a combined weight over 3500 kg, you need by law extra training. In addition to a driver's license class B (Car) you also need training in class B96 or BE. We will help you with proper training.

Basic Traffic Course

This is a compulsory course for anyone who wants to practice drive at home or have driving lessons at a driving school. We try to make the course as exciting and educational for our students as possible. Sign up for the Basic Traffic Course today and get ready to take the wheel!

A driving school who helps you all the way to the driver's license

Majorstuen Trafikkskole was established in 2015. All our instructors have a pedagogic teacher's degree at Nord Universitet and Met University. All are well suited for giving you good and secure driver's training.

Driving a car means different things for different people. For some, the driver's license is proff of being an adult. For others, it is about freedom and the opportunity to get in the car and travel anywhere at anytime. We will help you all the way through our driving classes, until you have passed your final test.

A good driving school is worth its weight in gold!

It is important for you to choose a driving school where you are assured an excellent driving instructor. One who stays with you all the way. A good driving instructor needs to know everything about both theory and practice. It is very important that you have good trust in your driving instructor, and know that he or she will lead you safely through your first encounters with traffic.

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Start your road to the driver's license

A lot have to be learned before you are ready to take on the world of driving on your own. A driver's license gives many opportunities, but also many responsibilities. Contact us today to start your road to the driver's license!

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